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Our goal is to be the best school district in Missouri.  This desire was a driving force behind the development of the Pettis Co. R-V strategic plan.  During the 2015-2016 school year, a committee of stakeholders was asked to take part in several meetings to develop a plan that would drive the school district toward continuous improvement.  In addition to supporting the development of the strategic planning team, the Board of Education also approved the superintendent’s recommendation to hire a strategic planning consultant to facilitate the planning process.  This was a first step in creating an inclusive plan independent of the superintendent and administration.  Though the district administration was involved in the process, the consultant ensured that the plan expressed the voice of the committee and school community. Developing a plan independent of any specific school official was essential in ensuring that the plan would continue regardless of staff turnover. 

The original planning team represented a wide cross-section of the community and met on four different occasions beginning November 30, 2015 through March 2, 2016.  The strategic team discussed the primary purposes of schools and began drafting the district’s Tagline, Vision, Mission, and Core Beliefs.  From the first meeting on, a passion and love for the school district, and a desire to see the district become the very best, led the team’s decision-making process.  The committee identified critical questions to ensure the school district is guided by its newly drafted vision and mission statements.  At this point in the planning process, the Pettis Co. R-V School district faculty and staff took an active part in the planning process.  All district employees selected a critical question that they wanted to help address.  Working together, they conducted research and then collaborated to generate action steps that would address the critical questions.  Many of their ideas are also embedded throughout the plan.  The Board of Education for approved the original plan on March 8, 2016.

The strategic plan was re-evaluated by the current strategic planning team and updated in February of 2020.  Original goals that had been accomplished were removed, ongoing goals were updated and new goals were added to continue the vision of the first planning team.  The revised Strategic Plan was approved and re-adopted at the May 21, 2020 Board of Education meeting.

Strategic Plan

School Board Policies

This is where you will find current, up to date, school board policies.  School board policies dictate how Pettis County RV Schools operate.  Policies are reviewed and updated on a rotating basis annually.  Here they are separated by code.  If you are looking for a particular policy and cannot find it, please contact central office at (660) 827-0772. 

Index - November 2017

0000 Organization, Philosophy, and Goals

1000 General Administration

2000 Students

3000 Financial Operation

4000 Personnel Services

5000 Support Services

6000 Instructional Services

7000 Facilities Development