Nike Destroy Doubt Tour & NFL WR Antonio Brown visit NWHS
Posted on 07/12/2018
Steelers WR comes to NWHS to inspire Mustang football teamWednesday, July 11, Nike's Destroy Doubt Tour visited Northwest High School.

Nike's Destroy Doubt Tour is lead by Steelers Wide Receiver Antonio Brown.  Brown's career has been filled with doubts and he has overcome each of them to be one of the NFL's most prolific players.  His message to the NWHS football team was to be consistent, work hard, and have fun, "Today is about having fun, destroying the doubt and making a great plan for the future," Brown said.  "I'm here to encourage you guys, inspire you guys, work with you guys and have a fun day.  How does that sound?"

"It's exciting," said senior Rylan Chamberlin.  "We've never had something like this happen around here."

Brown's message was for the student athletes to be what they say.  "These days, it's really important for the kids to literally be what they say, what they see and what they post on social media," Brown said.

Nike's team of clinicians provided a football camp and then ran 7 on 7 drills with Antonio Brown participating with the student athletes.

Head coach Marcus Wolfe was instrumental in setting this up for the team.   "Coach Wolfe has worked very hard trying to get students interested again in football.  Today was a giant step in that direction," principal David Dawson said about the events of July 11.

It was a great experience for the student athletes and community.