NWHS Student Achievement
Posted on 12/10/2018
Three years ago when the strategic planning committee was working on goals and objectives the district could focus on, one of the most eye opening experiences for the committee, and in turn the community, was the review of student achievement data over previous years. 

The committee was shown Pettis County RV compared to the Kaysinger conference schools and then to a select group of districts across the state of similar demographics.  Pettis County RV School District was consistently towards the bottom in each comparison in each subject area.During the strategic planning meetings, one of the constant phrases was that the community wanted our kids to be "the best".  The reason some of this was so eye opening was that some/most in the community had no indication where the students were measuring up when compared to other places.  They were shocked because many thought that the students were "the best" when shown the actual data.  

Since the strategic planning sessions, Northwest High School has developed a new curriculum in math, English, and some social studies classes, including American Government.  NWHS has also developed a brand new formative assessment procedure in those classes where teachers can diagnose what a student does and does not know quickly and accurately so that instruction can be adjusted where needed.  These things, along with the increased focus on reading, and overall shift in the building's culture, have been a big adjustment for students and teachers. However, from the looks of the spring, 2018 data that was just released, there are positive results that are starting to be seen.

This is a huge accomplishment for Pettis County RV School District and Northwest High School.  “We could not be prouder of our students.  The individual teachers did a fantastic job. They utilized the resources provided and prepared the students to be successful.  But most importantly, I believe that it's a building wide phenomenon, it's a culture of learning and performance.  It's a culture that the students take the assessments seriously and they do that because the staff makes it important,” said Northwest principal, David Dawson. 

Students are more than test scores, but there is a lot of value in seeing progress. Because no matter how you look at these numbers, NWHS is at the top of the conference with regards to EOCs.  There are 4 scoring scales: below basic, basic, proficient, and advanced. The percentages listed are those students that scored proficient or advanced.  For example, a score of 75 would mean that 75% of the students scored proficient or advanced. Attention should also be given to the fact that the scores are above the state average.  There are numerous ways to look at this data; every student in the state takes the same test so a goal for NWHS is always being above the state averages.  There are some areas where improvements can still be made, but again, these numbers are very positive for the district and community.